The seasson is over and we have achieved some good results.

good seasson behind us

The seasson 2012 after 3 races

I´m not a very good news writer..:-)

Cooperation possibilities

Recently motorcycle road racing, as well as motorsport have been rising dramatically in the Czech republic and whole Europe. About 50 thousand spectators can see advertisement directly on racing circuits and expositions.

But incomparably more people can see it the media. Every race is filmed by Czech televizions and there are also a lot of motorcycle magazines and newspapers on a market. A lot of articles and interviuwes, including photographs were published this seasson.

We would like to offer you to share successes of the young rider and his team. Every win would be a win for your company or product. There will be enough space for your company logo on rider’s leathersuit, helmet, and following car(bus). The size of your advertising space, price and other conditions of cooperation depend on our agrrement.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us. It would be pleasure for us to meet you and give you all information about the project and finances.